Postdoctoral fellows

We invite applications for three fully-funded postdoc positions in our group to start between October 2020 and September 2021. Two of these positions focus broadly on applying OrthoRep to continuous enzyme and antibody evolution at scale. A third position focuses on establishing OrthoRep in mammalian cells. We especially encourage those from backgrounds underrepresented in science and engineering to apply. In addition to competitive salaries and full benefits, we offer subsidized housing options or a housing supplement. Please contact Prof. Liu by e-mail with your CV and a brief description of your interest.

Graduate students

We are always looking for thoughtful, dedicated, and creative graduate students to join our growing team. We accept graduate students primarily through the following UC Irvine graduate programs: the Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program, the Chemistry Graduate Program, the Cellular and Molecular Biosciences Program, and the Mathematical, Computational and Systems Biology ProgramPlease contact Prof. Liu with inquiries.


We are accepting applications for a lab technician position focused on molecular biology, synthetic biology, and antibody engineering. This position will start between January 2021 and September 2021. Please apply here.

We are accepting applications for a lab manager position to start between January 2021 and September 2021. Please contact Prof. Liu by e-mail with your CV and a brief description of your interest.

Undergraduate researcher

We are not currently accepting applications for undergraduate researchers. Please check back another time.

Training philosophy

Our training goal is to ensure that every student and postdoc leaving the lab has the capabilities, ambition, and scientific maturity needed for an impactful career. To do this, we constantly remind ourselves of three principles:

1) Mentorship is an essential part of a good research program. Each member of the group constructs an individualized research and career development plan with Prof. Liu and has regular meetings with Prof. Liu to ensure that they are on track and developing to their full potential. Senior graduate students and postdoctoral fellows help Prof. Liu mentor junior students.

2) Excellent scientists work best in the company of other excellent scientists. We strive to recruit the best people and maintain a culture of inclusive excellence and dedication. We know that diversity is critical for excellent science and strive to build, maintain, and celebrate diversity in our lab, department, university, and broader scientific community.

3) Science thrives in a fun, supportive, and interactive environment. We strive to build a lab environment full of excitement, energy, collaboration, support, and enjoyment.