Postdoctoral fellows

We are looking for highly self-motivated postdocs to join our growing team. We are actively recruiting for researchers for four projects involving the use of OrthoRep. These include 1) continuous affinity reagent evolution, 2) continuous enzyme evolution, 3) high-throughput replicate experimental evolution to understand adaptive mutational pathways and to generate synthetic protein families for machine learning, and 4) extending the OrthoRep technology (e.g. DNA polymerase engineering and porting OrthoRep to new organisms). We are also recruiting researchers interested in mammalian synthetic biology for projects involving the further development and application of our CHYRON system and extensions of OrthoRep in human cells. Applicants are encouraged to contact Prof. Liu for more details.

Graduate students

We are looking for dedicated and creative graduate students to join our growing team. We accept graduate students primarily through the following UC Irvine graduate programs: the Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program, the Chemistry Graduate Program, the Cellular and Molecular Biosciences Program, and the Mathematical, Computational and Systems Biology ProgramPlease contact Prof. Liu with inquiries.


We are currently accepting applications for 1-3 Jr. Specialist positions. To learn more and apply, please click here.

Undergraduate researcher

We are currently accepting applications for one undergraduate researcher. For information on how to apply, please click here.

Training philosophy

Our training goal is to ensure that every student and postdoc leaving the lab has the capabilities, ambition, and scientific maturity needed for an impactful career. To do this, we constantly remind ourselves of three principles:

1) Mentorship is an essential part of a good research program. Each member of the group constructs an individualized research and career development plan with Prof. Liu and has regular meetings with Prof. Liu to ensure that they are on track and developing to their full potential. Senior graduate students and postdoctoral fellows help Prof. Liu mentor junior students.

2) Excellent scientists work best in the company of other excellent scientists. We strive to recruit the best people and maintain a culture of excellence and dedication.

3) Science thrives in a fun, supportive, and interactive environment. We strive to build a lab environment full of excitement, energy, collaboration, support, and enjoyment.